The idea for creating BG Financial was the belief of the founders that no one financial services business has adequately addressed the needs and aspirations of regular customers. We have an intimate knowledge of what customers need now, and in the future.

Tailored Loan Structure Advice

A carefully structured loan enables you to maximise your interest savings and minimise the time it takes to pay off your loan. There are three areas in which a loan and its underlying asset can be structured – the actual loan type chosen, the structure of asset ownership and borrowing entity, and the utilisation of equity in existing properties.

When it comes to choosing the right loan type and features, we often see borrowers, other brokers and bank managers focussing their energies on the specifics of a loan itself such as small differences between lenders fees and interest rates. Although it’s tempting to focus on interest rates as a starting point for comparing your mortgage options, a loan with a ‘seemingly’ higher interest rate and better structure can easily outperform a loan with a lower rate. Saving 10% on your interest bill is outstanding. Getting debt free 10% faster as well? Priceless. That is not to say that we can’t get you both the right product and the best rate, often we can, however it pays to keep focussed on one’s strategy first not the best rate offered today.

In terms of the asset ownership and borrowers structure, we need to carefully consider whose names should be on the title to maximise the borrowing capacity for all associated entities. More importantly, having the right ownership structure is vital for many self-employed borrowers, which enables them to protect their assets while working in high risk industries.

For investors who are planning to build up their own property portfolio, the equity in existing properties would allow them to purchase more properties if the loans are structured correctly.

So, the correct loan structuring advice can increase the tax effectiveness of your loans, help protect your assets, and can make restructuring your loans when your circumstances change easier. At BG Financial, we suggest loan structures that we think will be the most effective for any given scenario, and often work with our clients’ other trusted professionals to determine the best outcomes for our clients.

Our Lender Panel

We source and compare hundreds of home loans over 30 lenders to get our clients the most suitable loan products based on their financial objectives.

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